Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Reliable Movers Determine the Pricing?

Reliable Movers bases your estimate on a matrix which incorporates several different aspects to come up with your final price. The time-frame, the distance, the weight or amounts of your belongings, these things will truly affect your price quote.

As you would expect, extra services and any special handling will increase the total cost of your move. Extra charges will also apply for distinguished request and considerations like oversized and fragile items, and also the sort of storage supplies which you might require.

When is the Best Time to Begin Planning?IWhen is the Best Time to Plan?

There is no such thing as too early when you are making your move with Reliable Movers. We advise providing yourself six to eight weeks from your relocating date to get everything all set and deal with any surprises--and there will be a few--that you might need to address as you go along. Relocating will be much easier if you give yourself a longer period to prepare your belongings.

What are the Items That the Reliable Movers Won't Transport?

Yes; certain items cannot be legitimately moved by the moving pros at Reliable Movers. Several of the stuffs that the expert movers cannot transfer consist of weapons and poisons, pets and plants, combustibles, and things that are under pressure. Bleach, charcoal and motor oil are also on the listing.

Can Reliable Movers Move Valuables, Antiques and High Value Items?

The Reliable Movers will transport all your prized belongings like antiques. As a matter of fact, people hire movers because of this. Consider this, if you want to transport any of your antiques, you won't be guaranteed for damage-free transporting for your things with the reality that you're the only person who will perform all the hard work.

If you hire Reliable Movers, you won't only free yourself from the difficulty, but it would also guarantee that your items are in good hands particularly when it is being covered by an insurance policy. All of our moving trucks at Reliable Movers are equipped with satellite tracking technology so you can check out the status of your move at any point throughout the process.

Can Reliable Movers Take Care of Moving My Appliances?

Indeed, ensuring that the appliances are cleaned, serviced, and shut off before loading is vital. If you require assistance searching for a professional to prepare your appliances for transporting, Reliable Movers can put you in touch with a qualified technician in your town.

Must I Tip Expert Movers?

Even though you aren't required it might be good for you to provide the moving pros a tip, you should also provide them food and drinks for their travel. You can provide them a pizza and a 2 liter of soda. The tip should be given to the supervisor if there are many movers, commonly the range of the tips is to .

Is My Presence Needed on the Day of the Transport?

During the packing process, there should be somebody present. Communication is vital when hiring a pro moving service and Reliable Movers strives to keep you knowledgeable every step of the way. It is better that you're there to make the decisions that the movers may require you to make.

Give us a call for a free phone consultation or complete the quote form to begin on your move today! You'll be happy you did.